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ORIGIN: Portugal - Douro Valley

DESCRIPTION: This exquisite Port made from carefully selected wines matured in oak casks, impresses by its remarkable bouquet. This style truly demonstrates the outstanding quality of old aged Tawnies, real rarities in the world of fortified wines.


Colour: Amber with greenish tonalities.

Aroma: Intense aromas of dried fruits and refined smoky flavours

Palate: Round and dense in mouth, rich in dried fruits, with a superb long lasting finish.

SERVING TIPS: Excellent digestive wine, it should be served at room temperature (18ºC/64ºF) or slightly chilled. Splendid dessert wine, it is perfect ending for a gourmet meal. Ready to drink when bottled.

£59.00 per half bottle

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Our latest edition to the Port list is the fabulous Burmester from the 1997 Vintage

Messias 1983

The Messias 1983 Vintage Port is a mellow but full flavoured Port with fine balance and plenty of ripe fruits. Excellent with smoked cheese.